So, I Started a Blog (An Introduction)

So, here I am, nearly half way through my family’s future planning process, head still spinning, and bewildered by the lack of help available, I thought it was time to start sharing what I have been learning.

I’ll admit; I am a pretty dull guy and I don’t have any specialized experience or knowledge in any of the fields related to creating a comprehensive future plan for an individual with a disability. I mean, I’m a graphic designer with an associates degree, for crying out loud! However, I am a sibling of a wonderful twin sister with an intellectual disability and have a kind mother who is losing her ability to care for my sister the way she used to. Like many adult siblings, I am left with limited options to ensure my family’s continued well being while maintaining an independent existence of my own.

Like most adult siblings, I have opted to take matters into my own hands and brave the “future planning” process myself. While future planning counselors do exist, they are rare and inaccessible to limited budgets and resources, so much so that they almost seem like mythological creatures (and I suppose in their own magical way, they are).

Half of my battle has been to actually understand what “future planning” is in regards to disability. The other parts have been a mixture of intense emotional discovery, incredibly awkward and/or difficult conversations with people who don’t want to have those conversations, and a continued pattern of throwing myself into uncomfortable, uncertain situations to get the information or resources we need.

In my misadventures through this process, I have stumbled across some essential resources and some incredible people. I’ve also come across some not-so-great resources and professionals. It’s my hope that by recording my findings on my RESOURCES page and talking through some of the more complicated aspects of the process in BLOG entries, that I can help you minimize some stress traversing this overwhelming process yourself. It is my intent to use my lack of experience in these fields to relay information in a way that is easier for someone who doesn’t work in the field, because most of us don’t.

This site is an ever-evolving work, as I am and will be in the midst of my own future planning process for a while.

Do you have any topic requests or resource suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know!

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