Becoming a Family Caregiver (Some Considerations)

I was driving down a highway at 65 mph. My sister in the passenger seat jamming out to City Girls’ “Rich Bitch”. We were headed to a park to have a picnic as part of my sister’s new “community connections” services that I decided I would provide. My sister exclaims, “I’m a rich bitch!” ThenContinue reading “Becoming a Family Caregiver (Some Considerations)”

So, I Started a Blog (An Introduction)

So, here I am, nearly half way through my family’s future planning process, head still spinning, and bewildered by the lack of help available, I thought it was time to start sharing what I have been learning. I’ll admit; I am a pretty dull guy and I don’t have any specialized experience or knowledge inContinue reading “So, I Started a Blog (An Introduction)”